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About Me

My name is Axel Rivera, a cyclist and software developer living in Orlando, Florida. I have over 10 years of experience building iOS apps in an enterprise environment including tech startups, banks, government and health care. Now I mostly freelance to support working on my iOS apps.

The Story

I started cycling in May 2020, during the pandemic, after sitting on the couch for 20 years. Although I initially struggled, I fell in love with the sport and now ride about 100 miles per week. I can ride more, but successfully balancing work and hobbies is a skill that I haven't mastered yet.

The idea for Apollo Weather came after I tried multiple weather apps for planning my weekly bike rides with mixed results. Dark Sky had the best layout, but many of the data points that I needed, such as feels like temperature or wind speed, were hidden deep down and took a long time to go through the weekly forecast.

I needed an app that would help me make quick decisions and prioritize data points that were relevant to cycling. I couldn't find anything similar on the App Store, so I made it myself. Apollo is now such an important tool in my weekly cycling routine that I can't imagine myself using another weather app.

Social Media

You can follow @cycling_coder on Instagram or Threads to learn about my cycling journey.