Weather for Endurance Athletes

Apollo Weather is perfect for cyclists, runners, and other athletes who want to train all year in the best possible weather conditions.

I know what you're thinking...

There are many weather apps out there. What makes Apollo different?

Apollo is actively developed by Axel Rivera, a cyclist, runner, kayaker, and outdoor enthusiast living in Orlando, Florida. Here are three reasons that set Apollo apart from other weather apps:

10-Day Hourly Forecast

Apollo includes a 10-day hourly forecast, and all hours have Perfect, Acceptable or Bad ratings depending on the conditions YOU set.

User Experience

Apollo makes it easy to find relevant metrics. Feels Like temperature and Wind Speed are first-class citizens vs. other less relevant data points.

Developed by a Cyclist

I'm a warrior. Just like you! I want us to meet our weekly and yearly distance goals under the best weather conditions.

Make Decisions Faster

Big Picture

Apollo will help you answer three questions in a few seconds:

What are the best days to train during the week?
A 10-day forecast will give you a good outlook for the full week.
What are the best hours to train?
Daily forecasts include a unique hourly grid and detailed charts.
How should I prepare myself?
Apollo will make it easier to decide if you should be wearing extra layers or focusing on hydration for the day.
Daily Screenshot

Plan Your Routes

Weather Groups

Weather Groups help athletes track hourly forecasts across multiple locations. While it is valuable for runners and hikers, it's perfect for cycling. Cyclists can monitor weather conditions before each ride and even add a route as a visual aid, simplifying planning and preparation.

Weather Groups will help you optimize your bike rides and make cycling more enjoyable.

* Requires Premium Subscription.

Weather Group Map Weather Group Main

Weather On Your Wrist

Apple Watch App

Find the best days and times to train directly from your wrist. You get a full weather app and complications that prioritize data relevant to endurance athletes.

Complications show bold text and icons that are easy to read during activities like cycling or running.

* Requires Premium Subscription.

Apple Watch

How Does it Work?

Ideal Condition Ratings

All you have to do is configure your Active Times and Ideal Conditions for temperature, precipitation chance, wind speed, and UV index, and Apollo takes care of the rest. All ratings are based on your preferences instead of an obscure and mysterious formula.

Ideal Conditions Screen Daily Screen Ratins Screen


What Users are Saying About Apollo

Love This App!

I'm a pilot, weather geek, and avid cyclist. I usually like to delve into the minutiae of a weather forecast, EXCEPT when I'm preparing for a ride. For rides, I just want an at-a-glance quick eval of the conditions so I can easily make a go/no-go decision for myself and our cycling group. Apollo Weather does this eloquently. Its friendly user interface presents the data I need in a format that's instantly informative while being easy on the eyes and brain. I LOVE that you can customize YOUR “ideal conditions” (temp, wind, precip, UV Index) and YOUR “active times.” Open the app and Apollo immediately tells you if conditions are within the ranges you've set. No deciphering, digging, or PhD needed! Apollo Weather bridges the gap between practical usability and powerful application. There are a myriad of weather apps available, but Apollo Weather has become my go-to for all my rides and all my day-to-day activities. It's a must-have for runners, cyclists, or enthusiasts of any outdoor activity.


Different perspective on weather

I too recently took up cycling so I really appreciate all the data points this app provides. Wind and temp (especially in winter) are important factors. Great app! Thanks!


Everything weather

I always check it before cycling, running, or anything outside. Love the hour by hour, wind speed, and 10 day forecast!!


More than just for cyclists

I've been using this app from launch and it's completely replaced other weather apps. I'm using it to plan all my outdoor activities. Recently I've been using it to judge if I should take my dog to doggy daycare if it's too rainy or cold. Being able to set what is optimal conditions for me has been more useful for daily life than even outdoor activities. The premium option is totally worth it, something of a rarity with mobile apps lately.



What a great app! This is my new “go to”. In my work, forecasting out and drilling down on the hourly specifics, helps all of us determine the daily hours of operation for our outside bars. The wind details are a big plus as our outside bar location is a wind tunnel. Of course, even more important is planning and scheduling the locations and times of all my rides with the ability to setup your ideal conditions at a glance perfection every time. My only suggestion is to add in pollen count for those of us that suffer allergies.


excellent app

I'm an avid cyclist and plan my schedule around the weather… I've been using a couple other applications for the past 12 years and i find Apollo to be the best. I'm definitely not a high-tech person, and Apollo is very user-friendly and it is easy to find all the info that i need... i especially appreciate the accuracy of the hour to hour predictions. Also, here in Florida, the real feel temperature is extremely important to me, as it is many times 10° warmer. Highly recommend this app.


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Apollo is a different kind of weather app. It's designed for people who want to train all year under the best possible weather conditions.

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